Last Friday 14 year old Kaitlin May Keller had her lovely hair cut off and her head shaved to raise funds for her 3 year old cousin who has Leukaemia and wants to go to Disneyland.
Relatives, friends and everyone can donate money to help this little girl live her dream and the link is
Please also visit Facebook and like: “help Lucy go to Disneyland”
Her best friend Megan Harrison and Kaitlin’s mother, and two brothers were there while the mother’s hairdresser friend in Eldon Lane shaved her head.
They were all very proud of this brave young lady who lives in Wolsey Close and attends Woodham Academy.

Hair cut 1
Family group with Carol (left) of Hairways, Eldon Lane

hair cut 2

The first bit cut off which will go to make a wig for a child with Cancer who has lost their hair

hair cut 3