NCS is a scheme for 15-17 years old that helps build their confidence, self worth and skills that will benefit the rest of their lives.

It’s a 3-4 week long programme where they do outdoor activities, live at uni then plan a social action project where they will spend 30 hours raising awareness and our funds for a good cause.

Team 9 (Teamo NEMO) chose Butterwick Hospice as their chosen cause and spent the week looking for donations for their raffle, collected money out side of Marks and Spencer’s, distributed leaflets and helped doing dome gardening in Butterwick. They raised £567 which they used to buy things off Butterwicks wish list then donated the funds left over.

I am extremely proud of how far they’ve came the past month.

NCS Team nine

Leader Genevieve Storey

Hannah Smith

Callum Gibbon

Chloe Caygill

Kate Loverance

Rhys Mackinlay

Nathan Taylor

Alex Patterson

Darren Henderson

Butterwick would like to say a huge thank you for their help last week, it was very much appreciated. If anyone else would like to donate their time to helping the Butterwick please contact Milly Toner on 01388 603003 or email