Dear Sir,

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to the brave servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice whilst serving our nation.

Recent conflicts have brought added relevance to annual acts of Remembrance.  Increasingly we remember not just battles long past but families in our own communities who are mourning the recent death of a loved one.  We also think about the bravery of those who now live with life-changing injuries, and the families that support them.

During the last century, British troops saw action in many different conflicts.  But from the National Service generation fighting in Korea to those who served during the troubles in Northern Ireland, the Falklands War and the campaigns in Bosnia and Kosovo, many veterans feel their sacrifices and those of their comrades have been forgotten.  The mental and physical scars of a conflict can last a long time after the battles have left the front pages.

The  Sedgefield Division  of SSAFA Forces Help provides a lifetime of support to servicemen and women and their dependants.  We’re here for them long after conflicts have become history.

So, if you have ever served in our Armed Forces, including as a National Serviceman, or you know someone who has and you need some support then SSAFA’s local team is here to help just call us on (01325}3 14043

Brian Crawford Wilson

Divisional Secretary

Tel: (01325) 314043