Dear Editor,
I would very much like to highlight the fantastic service received from Colin at Cycleways Sport and Leisure, Neville Parade.
This isn’t the first time Colin has been mentioned in Newton News, but I really hope you will print this to highlight further superb customer treatment by Cycleways.
Colin has just completed extensive repairs and renovations to my adult tricycle and kept the price down for me – he could have easily charged the cost of a new trike for what he did. As a disabled person my trike is effectively my legs outside the house and represents independence for me, as well as providing an excellent form of exercise.
I am so very grateful to Colin, for without him, I’m not sure what I would have done. I’m often asked about the trike and where people can buy one. Colin can supply one for under £500 and it’s a fantastic alternative to a mobility scooter and ideal for those who find riding a bike too challenging.
There are several other trikes in Aycliffe but I’d love to see more. I’ve worked out that mine saves me around £600 a year in taxi fares locally, not to mention the fact that I don’t need to use a gym, with all the exercise it gives me.
Colin is a fine example of the excellent service provided by many local Aycliffe firms and there really is no need to go further afield.
Andrea McCulloch,
St Oswald’s Walk