With shiny shoes, blazers just a bit too big and enormous rucksacks, new students arrived at Woodham Academy last week for their first day at secondary school.  Most admitted having been too excited to get to sleep the night before and to have been up and ready for school well before breakfast-time.  They were accompanied throughout the day by volunteers from Year 8 who helped them to find their way and to settle in.
As usual, the morning began with a welcome assembly with Headteacher Christine Forsyth, followed by time for students to get to know their tutors and new classmates.  Woodham Academy has a dedicated Year 7 tutor team, specially trained in making sure that children are well-supported throughout their first year at the school so that they learn well and are happy. Highlights of the first day were experiencing new subjects for the first time and, of course, a Woodham Academy lunch.
Headteacher Christine Forsyth says “It is always wonderful to welcome new children to the school.  I hope that they will be as successful as our Year 11 leavers who achieved outstanding results at GCSE.”

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