Students at Greenfield Community College are investing their time to contribute to a better learning experience for themselves and their peers. Already this year student leaders have been working alongside artists and facilitators to find out more about ambition and aspirations and how they can impact upon creative learning across the school community.

Last week students gave up their own time during school holidays to work alongside theatre worker and Director Ruth Johnson and Greenfield Arts to help make a difference. Students are addressing issues and asking “how do we encourage space for creative learning?” and “how do we make the best use of arts and culture across the curriculum?”. These are big questions but this is an area that they can draw upon their previous achievements; having helped design the current student learning journal, facilitated ‘Make it Matter’ a youth voice conference and instigated an online creative space platform for the school.

The students were brilliant and were able to articulate ways to move forward and impact upon the school in future projects, identifying ways they have made a difference. They were thrilled with the chance to work with Creative Director Katy Milne and professional practitioner Ruth Johnson and report their findings to Clare Elliott via zoom, a representative from Culture Bridge North East, who is hoping to work alongside the group in a wider reaching project influencing schools across the region.

The sessions reinforced and clarified the ambitions and goals of the students and created a space to express how they value creative learning and how they can engage with others to develop the culture in school and beyond. Ruth was able to engage and inspire the students, building confidence and creating tasks and critical thinking challenges.

The students will now take their campaign forward, they are looking forward to working alongside a professional filmmaker to share and support learning within the school. They will also have the chance to get involved with staff training and whole school assemblies to encourage student learning with a new creative student leader manifesto.

Greenfield Arts and Greenfield Community College are collaborating to ensure students are able to work together to realise an outstanding learning experience. If you would like further information visit or contact the school by emailing or by calling 01325 300378.