Woodham Academy is pleased to announce the appointment of its new associate student governor, Harry Duggan.  Harry is  Woodham Academy’s sixth student governor.  He will join the Governing Body to make sure that students’ views are heard.
Harry applied to become a student governor because he wanted to have an impact, so that students following him would have an even better experience.  He also believes that the opportunity to serve on the Governing Body will help him to develop skills that will be useful in his future career.
Headteacher, Christine Forsyth, says “It is right and proper that students are represented at the highest level at Woodham Academy, because Woodham is their school.  I am delighted that Harry has been appointed and know that he will be a worthy successor to our previous student governors, Emma Sandford, Jordan McAteer, Richie Howe, Josie Eldridge and Callum Scott, all of whom have been great ambassadors for Woodham Academy.

Harry Duggan 1