Dear Sir,

I have received e-mails from residents living in the Chestnuts and from the editor, Syd Howarth, from Newto News expressing their concern that they have not received notification of the proposed new development.

Some say there was insufficient time to make an objection or to call a public meeting to discuss the new housing, and how increased traffic alone, will impact on the environment. Having discussed this with a DBC planning officer he confirmed that DBC only inform those houses that are directly affected by the proposed housing development. I was not told which houses received notification but I assume that houses on the east side of the Chestnuts for example would not have been informed.

With reference to the consultation period, I am told that it will be at least 3 or even 4 months before the application comes to Committee so there is time for you all to submit your objections should you be minded to think this way.

n another matter. In planning on Wednesday, I objected to a planning Application to construct a 2m high boundary fence around a property on the chestnuts. My decision is unbiased of course and as it is acceptable to put up a 2m fence without planning permission, I knew my objection would not stand.

The reason for my objection was based on  safety for the next door neighbour whose vision would be impeded by the new fence and simply based on observation. The Chestnuts was built as an ‘semi open’ estate. It has matured into one of the best designed estates in Darlington if not the BEST. Given the right to build fences ends up with a multitude of different designs of different heights, open boarded, closed boarded, latticed, larch lapped which can then be painted brown, blue, green and any colour under the sun. This in time discolours if not looked after and ultimately we could end up with a housing estate that looks completely different to that designed by the developer.

Needless to say this is a personal opinion which is not shared by our Planning Authority.

Councillor Gerald G. Lee
Heighington & Coniscliffe Ward
Telephone 01325 314622