Is it a relaxation, a stimulus, a healthy alternative . . . or just simply a wonderful and unique way to remove those unwanted un purified elements from one of the most important parts of your body?
Sticking a lighted candle into my ear was something I had not thought was going to be one of my most pleasant experiences. What happens to the heated wax as the candle burns slowly down to my tender and protruding appendage? Won’t the heat from the burning candle damage one of my most important senses? What is the pain potential and more importantly, my pain threshold? Lots of unanswered questions I pondered for myself.
But rest assured there was no need to have any fears or worries as I was guided through my treatment by Helen.
In fact it was one of the most pleasurable and comforting experiences I have experienced. When you think candle don’t think your usual kind of wax coated stick. Nothing of the sort. It’s linen coated, hollow and with a tiny filter part way down.
Inserted carefully just inside the ear, once lit, the heat draws up any excess wax and unwanted elements into the lining of the candle; a rather less daunting prospect than having your ear syringed.
The candles are about 22cm long and have a burn time of 10 to 15 minutes and have their origin in the centuries-old culture of Hopi Indians and other tribal peoples.
Once the candle finished burning you have the benefit of a pair of warm hands gliding over your head and atmospheric aromas to inhale.
The whole session takes around 30 minutes leaving you feeling totally relaxed and refreshed.
For your Ear Candling Treatment contact Helen Rickaby on 320409. Helen is a fully qualified Holistic Therapist and specialised Tutor (Darlington College).