Inspired by the visit of Olympian Chris Tomlinson, the sport stars of the future at Stephenson Way Academy have had a busy term. Our basketball team competed against other local schools at the Newton Aycliffe Leisure Centre, finishing an impressive second place over all. One of the children commented, “The other teams were brilliant so it was a really tough competition. Thankfully, we worked hard as a team and managed to finish second!” The success continued with a second place finish in the Key Steps gymnastics competition for our fabulous gymnasts in Years 1, 2, 5 and 6. After some magnificent routines, displaying flexibility and strength, the girls and boys flipped, rolled and leaped their way to a podium finish. Three of our very talented swimmers also made waves in the Aquability Gala, successfully reaching the county finals later this year. One of our successful finalists reported that the atmosphere was incredible, even if he was a little nervous!

We’re all fully behind our brilliant swimmers and we are certain they will make a splash in the finals! Finally, not to be outdone, at a very special boccia event, Stephenson Way were once again in the hunt for medals, claiming bronze in a very hard fought contest. For those unfamiliar with boccia, it is a sport that relies on accuracy and strategy, rather like bowls. Third place was a worthy achievement, especially considering one of our star players played with a broken wrist. No pain, no gain so they say! We look forward to many more months of diverse sports competitions and opportunities for our children to shine.