St. Clare’s Community of Volunteers

Though the church building is closed, we as a community of volunteers are open! I am receiving calls quite regularly from vulnerable people, (who I do not know), and I pass them on to Jeff who then responds according to current Foodbank practise. I am sure Cath Halford will inform you about all that they are doing, opening twice each week and supplying emergency parcels, often via Jeff, to those really stuck.

Anyone needing a chat, can call me and I will respond or get someone else to call them back; especially important as people’s mental health is suffering during these times.

Anyone can join our Facebook page and message us through Parish of Great Aycliffe Facebook page.

On both the website and Facebook page we are sharing prayers and Services that, we hope, are keeping spirits lifted in these times.

Rev. Ann Anderson

and Rev. Jeff Anderson

St. Clare’s Rectory

St. Cuthbert’s Way

Newton Aycliffe DL5 5NT

Telephone 01325 315194

Messages can also come to