Speeding motorists are being trapped by this system on Aycliffe roads. Don’t expect to be stopped – you will just receive a notice in the post that you were driving over the speed limit. The purpose of Speedwatch is to catch drivers going well above the speed limit and to send letters to them following being caught going above the limit. This is merely educational and the letter details the time, date and location that they were seen going over the limit as a normal Speeding letter would contain, however there are no fines or points being handed out. PCSO Chris Noble told Newton News: “We find it is more of a deterrent and we are trying to broadcast the message as much as possible to make drivers aware we are conducting checks. The Speedwatch machine is not calibrated as the Laser Gun is and can only be used as an advisory. The Gun can be used to issue tickets and fines but only if a warranted officer with training in its use is operating it. We keep a tally of the warning letters sent to certain people and should they feature more than once they are targeted and visited by a member of the Roads Policing Unit.” From last Friday a total of 10 drivers will receive letters