Dear Mrs Boyd,
As a senior citizen and a retired professional driver of most vehicles, on and off road, for many years in most countries, including the UK, I think I have every right to criticise what I see as bad and dangerous driving, that includes people doing their job – no exceptions.
As far as I am concerned, my letter a couple of weeks ago was aiming at someone who was on the phone and also speeding into a cul-de-sac, and it was a nurse. There are no excuses or exceptions, the law is the law.
How would you feel if it were your family that was injured or even killed? How can you justify your comments when a small car is about a tonne in weight, it will kill a child at 20mph – it will kill a pensioner of my age, 74, as their bones are brittle; if they were to survive it would ruin there lives.
Complacency has no conscience, so, in future look both ways, there may be a speeding driver coming your way.
Name and address supplied