Gabrielle Harker is a mobile hairdresser who has specialised in hair extensions for just over 10 years which she loves doing them as it can make a massive difference to people. She was particularly pleased to help people who had hair issues like alopecia or cancer victims who had chemo and lost their hair. Gabrielle wanted to do something to help so decided to train further with the Racoon course. “I can’t imagine how awful it is to lose your hair due to chemo and unfortunately cancer touches so many of us. The hair can take ages to grow back afterwards and wearing wigs can be itchy and uncomfortable so that’s where hair extensions come and I can help” said Gabrielle. The Hair Recovery programme is for anyone who has lost their hair, male and female. Gabrielle is qualified to advise and provide hair extensions and there are discounts for the service over a 12 month period. Glue will not be applied only small translucent bands, gentle to remove or apply leaving no trace or residue. Book your consultation with Gabrielle on 07772 251823