Dear Sir,

We recently looked into a log burner for our home and questioned the installers and Council.

Are residents aware on Aylmer Grove, Thurlow Grove, Westmorland Way, Henson Grove and the surrounding area, that due to ozone and air pollution, it is a smoke free zone?

You may be slapped with a £200 (or more) fine, as the council are aware people are burning the wrong logs and causing smoke pollution.

You will also be asked for proof of insulation and service history as well as proof that the logs you are burning are smokeless.

I am also aware that this year there will be more checks on households who have log fires in smoke free zones, and the government are looking at making everywhere smoke free.

So, please be aware a smoke free area means smoke free.

Please check with the council for the area you live if you are unsure if you are living in a currently smoke free zone.

Name & address supplied.