Dear Sir,
I am pleased to announce that I have been selected and nominated to stand as the Labour candidate for Simpasture Ward in the upcoming by-election. From living in St Godrics Road as a child for several years to living in Isherwood Close, when my family returned to the Ward in 2010, I have plenty of great memories in the area so it would be an honour, with your support, to represent the many fantastic people I know who live there.
It’s been brilliant getting out on the doorstep, so far, with an extremely positive response, it’s great to speak directly to people and listen to what they have to say and take in what is important to them.
Why vote for me? Professionally I am a Project Engineer in a factory right next door to Simpasture Gate. This career has given me the skills I believe would fit excellently with being a councillor. I oversee projects from start to finish, through planning all the way to completion, on time, in budget and in full.
I’ve also spent my time over this year learning the ins and outs of public funding for projects and what is required to make them viable, as a public representative on the Great Aycliffe and Middridge Partnership. It has been a fantastic apprenticeship in both public finance and scrutiny with some amazing ideas coming through the GAMP board.
I will be out knocking on as many doors as possible over the next 3 weeks to earn your support, I feel it is the only way to show real commitment to the role and the only way to find out what matters to you. This weekend I will be in Isherwood Close, Bewick Crescent, Marley Road and Wallas Road, let’s have a chat!
On 9th December I hope to have done more than just ask for your support, I hope to have earned it.
Simon Hocking
Labour candidate for Simpasture Ward