Dear Sir,
I read with amazement and disbelief letters submitted on the termination of the market in the town centre and the reasons given for its closure.
The main parties involved in this disgraceful charade, seems to be between Freshwater the owners and Durham County Council. It seems the reason given for its demise is that the stalls need new covers, and if the stallholders moved to the central refurbished area of the shopping centre, the stalls might dirty the floor.
I can assure you the centre doesn’t need any help from stallholders in that respect. If you base it on where the stalls were, near the Thames shopping centre, this area hasn’t been cleaned in weeks nor has the area where it was reconcreted, near Stephenson Way.
There is muck on the ground there, and if you go to the main area of the centre, there’s rubbish under the new seats, spillages on the new floor tiles, which aren’t cleaned up etc.
If I was a shop tenant I would be up in arms and would want to know why I am paying service charges for very little return. If there was any justice the stallholders would not be used as scapegoats and the present centre staff, would be given the order of the boot to be replaced by people prepared to do the job properly.
Mr & Mrs R McNeal,
Ex Managers of a
Shopping Centre.