Happy and healthy cows lie at the heart of the award-winning Acorn Dairy’s organic products which are now in everincreasing demand throughout the North of England, says its enterprising director, Gordon Tweddle. He told Rotarians in Newton Aycliffe this week that the family’s decision in 1998 to move from intensive, conventional milk production to quality organic farming avoiding use of chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides had proved a great success. Acorn Dairy, he said, now made doorstep deliveries to 3,500 customers and supplied organic products to major supermarkets and a growing number of shops and stores across the North of England.

When people asked why organic dairy products from Acorn Dairy tasted so good, he said, the family’s answer was always the same – a passion for the cows which were well-treated and fed with top quality grass and silage (not to mention apple cider vinegar which boasted their immune system). Though organic farming in the Yorkshire and Northumbria Dales meant lower output and increased production costs, Acorn Dairy tackled the problem by cutting out the middle-men and selling direct to the householder and business customer at realistic and competitive prices. “We are what we eat. What we put inside our bodies is very important, particularly for children,” said Gordon. Several Rotarians agreed with him including Rtn. Margaret Fenwick who commented: “If you ever try organic milk, I guarantee that you will never go back to conventional milk”.

Gordon (pictured centre with Senior Vice President Tony Robinson, left, and Rtn. Bob Stevenson, who welcomed him to the club) was thanked by Rtn. David Hogg. Contact Acorn Dairy on 01325 466999