Dear Sir,
My driveway is on Sheraton Road and affected by traffic going to Sugar Hill school. The school does not even provide sufficient parking for its staff and they use the roadside near the school gates.
This is unbelievable consdering the wide open spaces surrounding the school. The 20mph idea should apply to all roads and there should be no through traffic past any school.
The powers that be have wasted a lot of time and taxpayer’s money towards solving this problem. All the Council’s efforts are pointed at discouraging school run cars coming anywhere near to schools.
The Councillor who suggests drivers should be fined ought to feel ashmed as these parents are not ciminals!
When the old Town Centre Police Station was in use Sugar Hill School allowed them to use their land to park Police vehicles and that space is still there unused. When the station is demolished it should become a car park for parents with a footpath connected to the school.
I would like to bet the Council attempts to ease the problem will only make matters worse – just like the new street lighting!
We have two large industrial factory-like Supermarkets in our town centre attracting lots of traffic, while our two large senior schools are situated on the perimeter with hundreds of children dodging cars daily.
It is a truly astonishing lack of good planning where “Rocket Science” does not spring to mind.
K Farrell