Woodham Burn School Improves Parental Engagement with OurSchoolsApp taking a proactive approach to improving parental engagement by utilising a smart phone app, OurSchoolsApp (www. OurSchoolsApp.com).

OurSchoolsApp facilitates communication between school and parent well beyond the newsletter and website and acts as a link between home and school.  On average, parents will view an app six times more frequently than the school website, allowing Woodham Burn to keep the parents more updated with school information, news, calendar events and contact information.  Every time something new is uploaded to the app, parents receive a notification message.

Even better, prior to events, a reminder is sent to them, ensuring they are always kept updated. Head Teacher Mrs Riannon Edwards comments: This app is a brilliant new way of keeping our parents fully informed about what is going on in school.  It is very easy to use, both for our administrators, and for parents.”