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As an existing member of both Durham County and Great Aycliffe Councils I am standing for re-election as I believe my experience and political awareness will enable me to influence the committees of the two authorities to solve some of the problems facing us now and in the near future.

Having lived in the Aycliffe East Ward for 36 years I am familiar with the concerns of the residents and have always been prepared to tackle local issues head on.

Following numerous requests and with the co-operation of my fellow Labour County Councillor I part funded and acquired external funds to promote and complete the renovation and up-grading of the Neville Parade Shopping Precinct.

I also part funded the restoration of the Neville Community Centre which is now a popular and valued amenity in the area. These are examples of the types of major projects with which I have been involved over the past 8 years.

My concern at the lack of affordable housing led me to become a board member of Livin a position from which I can help to drive forward the building of new homes and the essential maintenance of existing properties.

Area action partnerships were established when Durham County Council became a Unitary Authority and by being a Board Member of the Great Aycliffe and Middridge Partnership I am able to monitor any projects brought forward and influence decisions in favour of our wider community.

In addition to my varied duties on Durham County Council my main focus is vulnerable adults and because of this focus I am vice chair of the Human Resources committee and a member of the Scrutiny committee which assesses problem’s connected with children and young people. Some of the issues with which we have to deal are all forms of Physical, Alcohol and Substance Abuse.

If you decide to re-elect me on May 2nd I will not only continue my existing work programme but will endeavour to extend my influence to reduce the impact of cutbacks on Great Aycliffe residents in the face of massive financial cuts coming from Central Government.

Having been a Town Councillor for 18 years and a County Councillor for 8 years I will continue as always to listen to your concerns and work on your behalf with total commitment.