sandra haigh web
I have lived and worked in Newton Aycliffe since 1968. During this time I have been a school governor at St Mary’s Primary school and the fundraising for Moore Lane play group.

I hope people in Aycliffe North will vote for me as I will put in 100% to help the people of this area and I do not have any political ties to stop any good work I can do. I was a Borough Councillor for 2 years before Labour changed it to the Unitary, and Town Councillor for Woodham and Aycliffe North for 6 years. Since being a Councillor over the last 6 years I have helped anyone who has requested help.

If elected I can bring your concerns to County Hall without any party influence. I can take your concerns as they are not as a party says they are”.

So I trust your vote will be with myself, an Independent, who can work on your behalf honestly and without undue influence.