PCP is thrilled Sainsbury has named them Local Charity of the Year following the recent public vote. Cobblers Hall Sainsbury’s will be supporting Options, one of PCP’s user-led services supporting the independence of adults with disabilities.

Sainsbury’s Manager Carl Duckling said “It’s great to be supporting a charity that’s right on our doorstep, often you see a lot of national charities being nominated but this is really what local charity of the years is all about. We can’t wait to get fundraising to support such a worthwhile cause.”

Kath Willington from Sainsbury’s is looking forward to working with Options to plan events and activities to raise much needed funds.

Phil Thompson, Options member said “It’s nice of Sainsbury’s to support us, it’s our local store and we go there all the time and will be calling in even more now! Thank you to everyone who voted for PCP.”

If you have any ideas to help with fundraising or would like to know more about Options please contact Linda West at the Pioneering Care Centre, Carer’s Way, Newton Aycliffe,DL5 4SF tel: 01325 321234 email: enquiries@pcp.uk.net

or follow Options on Facebook: @optionspcp

Picture shows: Options Members, Kath and Carling visiting Sainsbury’s Cobblers Hall.