The following is a heartfelt letter from a 9 year old girl who has become a victim of bullying. She sent the letter to the parent of the former friend with whom she fell out with, hoping they would correct her behaviour, but they did nothing and the child’s life is now badly affected.
Her parents were unaware the letter had been sent and were disappointed the parents took no action. This is printed without using the real names, as a general example of what happens too often with schoolchildren and which could develop into a serious problem.

Dear parents of John and Julia,
Will you please ask Debra to stop trying to turn my friends against me at school. I know she and I are not friends anymore, but I think it is unfair to tell others not to play with me. My friends have told me what Debra is saying about me and I have never done that to her. I am not a bully, I just want to play with my friends without Debra trying to take them away.
I do not know what else to do because my Mummy and Daddy have told me that if Debra and I are not friends anymore, to just stay away, but she is trying to hurt me by taking my other friends away.
I don’t understand because it was only a few weeks ago that Debra came to a BBQ at our house and was planning a sleepover. Please ask her to stop,


stop bullying