The annual Rotary Club Christmas Community Concert, although held on a weekday, was a resounding success with the organisers facing the dilemma of what to do next year.

The town schools were much better represented with lots of children attending this joyous event to show what special Christmas music they had learnt to perform at their own concerts, and for this occasion.

There was a rich mixture of entertainment watched by an appreciative adult audience, but it was also good for the different schools to hear each other’s contribution to the programme.

There was a lovely community feeling around the hall as each group stepped forward to perform. It was heartwarming to see the delight on people’s faces as they listened and enjoyed every musical item.

The children were fantastic and there were so many they had to sit on their bottoms due to insufficient seating, but they were all very well behaved and a credit to their schools.

It would be unfair, and very difficult, to pick out any particular school for special mention as they all sang their hearts out with great enthusiasm and confidence.

Thanks to John Melvin, the sound technician, every song performed was heard loud and clear. George Dixon from Heighington accompanied the carols and songs, along with a brass band and choir from Woodham Academy.

Alice Jordan aged 15 gave a great performance and the dance group from Greenfield brought gasps of amazement. For the first time Sunnydale School (now merged with Greenfield) sang two items and an amazing talent from a male soloist was instantly admired by a spontaneous round of applause from the audience.

One of the difficulties was trying to fit the large programme into the 90 minute concert as schoolchildren were being picked up at 3.30pm. As a result some carols had to be cut out and other items on the programme cut short which resulted in things reaching a chaotic conclusion. This will be addressed for next year along with suggestions from Head Teachers on how the event can be improved.

One thing sure is that everyone enjoyed the concert and the Rotary Club received many messages of thanks for putting the programme together.

Syd Howarth said: “It could not have gone ahead without the support of school music teachers who ensure the audience is well entertained.

The children make this event and everyone looks forward with pride to seeing their joyful faces and hearing them sing – it gives a wonderful start to the festive season”.

The Rotary Club thanks all the schoolchildren who took part, the teachers for their hard work, and the audience for their support. Thanks to George Dixon and John Melvin and County Councillors for paying the cost of producing the concert free for the community, from their neighbourhood budget.

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