We had an amazing night at a local competition held at Outwood Academy, Middlesbrough on Monday 11th July with the club skating away with 26 trophies!

There were 40 competitors and we took 19 skaters to compete at the event, (from 4 years to adults male and female), hosted by Tees Valley for newcomer and novice skaters.

Newcomer figures: 1st Lucy Richardson, 2nd Charlotte Wilson, 3rd Joseph Kearney

Newcomer figures: 1st Harrison Austin, 2nd Niamh Dawson, 3rd Marzy Magmaghnuis

Novice figures: 1st Nicola Stevens

Under 5 newcomer dance: 1st Rhiannon Tyler 2nd Leo Holliday

Newcomer dance: 2nd Harrison Austin, Charlotte Wilson, 3rd Katie Holliday

Novice dance: 1st Hannah Godwin, 3rd Jazzmyn Loring.

Novice dance: 1st Nicola Stevens, 2nd Joseph Kearney

Under 5s grades: 1st Rhiannon Tyler, 2nd Penny Holiday,

Grades: 2nd Shannon Slatcher

Grades: 1st Charlotte Wilson, 2nd Harrison Austin, 3rd Lucy Richardson

Newcomer free: 1st Niamh Dawson, 3rd Marzy Magmaghnuis

Novice free: 3rd Jazzmyn Loring, 2nd Hannah Godwin

A Fantastic achievement for team Spectrum and we are so very proud of all the skaters that represented the club!

Anyone wanting to learn to skate call in Wednesday at Spectrum Leisure, Willington 4.30-5.30pm. £4 and Sunday at Sunnydale, Shildon 2.30-3.30pm. £4

Tel: 07891 461958 or facebook – Spectrum Roller Skating Club. Contact: 07891 461958

Tracy Stevens