Dear Sir,

I write In response to the letter from Lib Dem aspiring Councillors, listing the tensions and problems that we all face and encounter in Newton Aycliffe and the County.

We nod sagely in agreement – BUT what solutions do these potential Councillors offer – nothing; they have no policy, strategy or idea how to resolve these countrywide (indeed worldwide) issues.

There is no acknowledgment of the efforts which have been, and are being made, by multi agency interventions – enterprise partnerships, redevelopment agencies, GAMP, police, social workers, educationalists; there is no acknowledgement of how Durham County Council is a lead, and exemplary authority in fiscal rectitude and climate change (thanks to Aycliffe’s own Councillor John Clare).

AND this from people who have no experience of any level of governance in any Council.

Voting for populists is risking the ongoing continued success, development and growth of Durham County Council; something which is recognised in Whitehall if not in its own county.

Mike Dixon