Dear Sir,

Mutual Respect?

In his letter published in the Newton News, Cllr JD Clare considers that, in the current tense political climate, everyone has a moral obligation to show mutual respect. I agree! However, respect has to be earned! Until Parliament shows proper respect for the democratic majority, the democratic majority cannot show Parliament ‘mutual’ respect. Respect earns respect and vice versa. I can have no respect for an MP who breaks his election promises to respect my vote.

I’m accused of name-calling by Cllr. J. D Clare! How many ‘names’ did Cllr. Clare call Donald Trump in his letter following the Presidential Election? There was a whole list. However, name-calling avoids having to debate the facts.

Was Cllr. Beetham (L) showing respect when she posted on Facebook that Leave voters are morons and should all be gassed? Cllr. Clare leapt into print in her defence. I think he ‘ghost wrote’ the first paragraph of her letter in praise of political correctness. Her Facebook tirade of hate was my first experience of a Brexit hate speech. Was I wrong to call it out? Did it start the ‘tense political climate’? Why does Momentum/Labour have a propensity to try to curtail free speech by ‘political correctness’.

Parliamentarians have disrespected the Leave voting majority, aided and abetted by the Speaker, who has failed to show proper respect to the Leader of the House (allegedly, a “stupid woman”) and is biased towards Remain. I cannot respect anyone who disrespects my democratic right to leave the E.U. (and bullies women and Parliamentary Staff). Is there mutual respect between the Speaker and his staff? Or between the Speaker and the Government benches?

The Speaker’s bias, alone, makes him not fit for purpose as Speaker (Cllr. Clare, says I am allowed to write this, does he agree that this is the case?). What I find objectionable about this Speaker is that he is on record as being a BULLY. He bullies MPs (mainly by personal name–calling). He bullied and shamed the House of Commons and the Monarch with his tirade of name-calling against Donald Trump and the proposed State Visit. He said the Government and the Queen could invite the American President on a state visit, but only the Speaker could invite him to the Commons and he would not do so. The coward hid behind Parliamentary Privilege to name-call Donald Trump. The President showed remarkable restraint in not ‘Tweeting’ a riposte!

Cllr. Clare was horrified at my lesson from history to the Speaker (seven of his predecessors were beheaded). A former History Teacher, Cllr. Clare should be aware then of the value of studying History. If we can identify the mistakes made by past generations we are less likely to repeat them. (e.g. Joining the E.U.!) However, his assertion that my letter could be construed as a death threat is left wing political correctness gone mad and in a hand-cart!

What has the murder of Jo Cox (RIP) by a lunatic got to do with anything in my letter? I resent the implication that as a Leave voter I am in any way to blame for the actions of a Lunatic?

Returning to the facts:

1. Inviting bids from the E.U. cartel is not a requirement of WTO rules.

2. Approximately 30% of labour voters voted Leave.

3. The Leave vote in Labour constituencies in the North was about 60%.

4. The Speaker has a Remain bias, is a bully and is vertically challenged. It is perfectly reasonable to call him, “an objectionable little person”

5. In promising to respect the Leave vote many MPs LIED to get elected!

If you are new to politics here is a simple way to understand right-of-centre and left-of-centre politics. right-of-centre Governments need strong borders to keep immigrants out, [e.g. America] while left-of-centre Governments need to build a wall or man their borders to keep their population in [e.g. East Germany, Cuba, Venezuela].

These are historical facts.

Yours sincerely,

Alastair P.G. Welsh