The Isles Communities Turbine action Campaign ( TICTAC ) was formed by residents in the area to protect their interests which are needed now more than ever due to the threat of this wind farm.

Eon will be holding workshops so they can try persuade the advantages of giant 410 feet turbines. TICTAC do not receive government subsidies paid for by the taxpayer so they will not be holding workshops but Eon, a foreign company will receive a staggering £150, million. These subsidies cause energy bills to rise and will make British industry uncompetitive due to the green energy charges.

We plan to hold an exhibition  to show the true effect of this industrial development which will  put jobs at risk and destroy protected open countryside close to Newton Aycliffe and Woodham .

Eon propose to build a generating station on unique historic open country land-scape. This industrial monster can only be relied upon to produce 10% of its rated output (it will need 90% backup from fossil fuel generators) and will spread 24 turbines over an enormous area. IT WILL BE MUCH CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.

The Government agency for Council tax valuations have accepted having wind turbines built  near homes can sharply decrease their value. People living near newly built wind farms say the turbines have slashed property values because of  noise, shadow flicker, and visual appearance as they tower above buildings. The noise in particular is causing health problems with lack of sleep and depression.

It has become clear wind farm developers have been accused of making their turbines seem smaller by using computer generated images with printed 50mm images. We hope to show in exhibitions in Aycliffe the horrific effect these turbines will have on your lives  as they will be more than SIX  times the height of The Angel of The North.

As the director of Renewable Energy Foundation, a charity publishing data on the energy sector said, “Current policies are making renewable deeply unpopular by creating a few rich and happy winners and a larger number of very angry losers”.

Great Aycliffe Town Council have written to the Secretary of State with many serious concerns on environmental issues. TICTAC have similar concerns which include the effect on a number of endangered and other  birds and wildlife in general with serious risk of total destruction if this turbine landscape is allowed to proceed.

Knowing the land  we believe the construction will require over 40,000 vehicle movements, mainly concrete lorries,  causing huge disruption for over a year to local residents.

Manufactured in Germany the turbine blades will be brought over and assembled by their workmen with no benefit to British Industry. We are all already paying for green energy to our electricity bills and this will rise. It is in the interests of all in Aycliffe and Woodham to join TICTAC’s campaign and  attend the exhibition which is planned shortly at Woodham Community Centre.

Please express your concerns in Eon’s questionnaire.