Williamfield Residents Meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th December 2019 at 5.00pm in The ARK, Silverdale Place (formerly Western Area Community Centre).

We are inviting residents to attend to put their opinions forward and enable us to make this area as it was several years ago; to raise awareness of the anti-social behaviour around the shop area and to have some urgent action from the police to make it once again an area that older people can go to shop in Silverdale on a night, without being met by the hooligans that are hanging around at the moment.

Please try to attend.

Call 01325 308094 or 07967 901477.


A Children’s Disco will be held every Friday night starting 13th December from 4.30pm until 7.30pm, this will be held at The ARK (formerly Western Area Community Centre).

Admission is £1, parents are free.

A special Christmas Disco will be held Friday 20th December, hopefully Father Christmas will be dropping in to see you dancing. Call 07967 901477 for further info.

Tiny Tots group is held every Tuesday and Friday from 9.15am until 11.30am.