Winter always sees an increase in the number of potholes. These are the responsibility of the County Council Highways department. The County Council’s policy is that, within 24 hours of a pothole being reported, an officer visits the pothole to see if it is ‘actionable’ – i.e. at least 1 foot (30cm) wide and 1½ inches (4cm) deep.

If it is ‘actionable’, then it is put on a schedule for a temporary repair (a plug of tarmac to fill the hole and stop it worsening) and then on another schedule for a permanent, proper repair at a later date.

The time taken to address both these schedules depends on the depth of the pothole and how busy its location, but the aim is to get the temporary repair done as soon as possible, because the Council may be liable to any damage to cars once a pothole is reported.

Residents can report any pothole through the ‘Do It Online’ facility at the top left corner on the DCC website at – you access the online form by clicking on the ‘Services’ tab on the second screen, then on ‘Road or footpath’ from the list.

Alternatively, you can call 03000 261 000, or tell your councillor for them to report it.

Please be very clear and precise about the location – e.g. as well as the road name, get the number of the nearest house or lamppost, yards from a junction etc.

This is a big issue at this time of year, especially when coming as we are out of a period of extreme frost and ice. But if we work together to report potholes, we can ensure that our local roads are as clear as possible.

A healthy road infrastructure is vital, not only for the look and safety, but also of the economic prosperity of the town.

Cllr John D Clare