Sedgefield Residents Federation a group representing residents of the former Sedgefield Borough area are building support for the registration and regulation of private landlords in County Durham and beyond.
Complaints to councils, police and other rep-resentative groups are growing, of unruly behaviour by improperly vetted tenants and the running down of properties with scruffy gardens etc.
Of course the prices of housing being relatively low in the North East makes purchasing a property to rent in the region very attractive to anyone with a pot of cash to invest.
Where many problems arise are with landlords living many miles away who do not inspect their properties regularly and basically couldn’t care less about neighbours in adjacent properties who often have to put up with disturbance and deterioration of the area due to neglect of gardens etc.
Unfortunately where landlords and private tenants refuse to act in a responsible manner there appears to be very little the authorities can act upon apart from cleaning up rubbish and charging for the service.
Often respectable and responsible people have to move to get away from the problems caused by disrespectful and abusive tenants who have moved into adjacent properties. The timescale for dealing with problems of this ilk may take years with financial and health effects on neighbours distraught by the disruption to their lives.
Of course the majority of tenants are law abiding and peaceful members of society but those bad apples who are the exception can cause mayhem. With the prevailing Klondike attitude of Developers who will build on virtually any open space available and the financial restraints on Councils who appear to be plugging holes in their budgets by selling land it is conceivable that much of the new build property will be buy to let.
As a group the resident’s federation are asking for support from our elected representatives and senior council officials to set up a compulsory licensing scheme which would ensure problems are overcome efficiently and quickly.
The Residents Federation meet in St Clares church vestry on the 3rd Monday of the Month at 6.30. Please come along for a warm welcome, a cup of tea and some lively chat.
Note the group are on holiday in August.