wind turbine

Residents of Redworth are rallying to object to a single wind turbine planned to be erected in an open field on farmland just outside the village.

The proposed turbine would be visible for a significant distance, and seen clearly as your drive along the A6072.

It will dramatically alter the landscape character of the area both in the immediate locality and from important vantage points.

Meetings have been held and the residents have been encouraged to write into Darlington Borough Council to object.

The UK Noise Association recommends that wind turbines not be sited within 1 mile (1.6 km) of houses as families have experienced serious problems with smaller turbines at a greater distance from their homes.

There is a potential risk of sleep disturbance and related health issues from this proposal.

Residents believe the proposal contravenes a key principle to “protect the countryside for the sake of its’ intrinsic character and beauty, the diversity of its landscapes, heritage and wildlife.”

If allowed the turbine would adversely affect walkers and horse riders using local paths and bridleways, potentially compromising safety. The destruction of local birds and bats is inevitable.