Dear Sir,

The Red Box Project is coming to an end. It has been a victim of its own success by drawing attention to the levels of Period Poverty. The government is taking over the provision of menstrual products in all schools and colleges in January and from the end of December the RBP will be defunct.

We have made our last deliveries. We’ve spent every penny and distributed every last donated item. Schools have received a top up of their boxes and a generous supply of tights and pants. Forty-five individual bags have been given out to our primary schools to help girls during the Christmas break. And Humankind post-16 education department have also had a Christmas delivery.

Thank you to everyone who has made a donation and to all our donation points, all of which are now closed. Many thanks to Great Aycliffe Town Council for their £100 donation. We could not have done it without you all.

A special mention goes to John Hilton, aka Honest John, for his fantastic donation of £600 right at the start. His contribution to the Project was invaluable and we are very grateful to him.

Thanks also to Newton News for printing our updates and keeping everyone informed of progress.

Girls will be able to access supplies at Newton Aycliffe Youth and Community Centre and Junction 7 at Silverdale. If anyone wishes to continue to make product donations they will be very pleased to accept them.

We have enjoyed being involved with the RBP and are proud of the work it has done. Feedback has been very positive. When a community comes together like this anything is possible. Thank you everyone, goodbye and have a Merry Christmas.