Two men from Aycliffe, William Hedley and Tom Karroll who were inspired by the dedication and efforts of Pride of Briton award winner Mark Solan from Spennymoor have joined a rally to raise funds for cancer research and to support a local charity involved in cancer care the Solan Connor-Fawcett Trust.

They are also helping a charity called Busy Bees and need boys and girls clothing from the age of 12 up to about early 20’s. They are happy to pick up items of clothing or you are welcome to drop it off.

If you want something to put on the car to remember someone lost or dealing with cancer we are happy to place a heart sticker with your info for £20, which will go to the charity

Please help us to show that the people of Co. Durham are kind and happy to help others in need.

Contact numbers 07759 469032 or 07763 896309.