Dear Sir,
A very successful evening was held on Friday 7th February for Ward 21 (Children’s Ward) at DMH.  I want to thank everyone concerned for making the evening so successful, but I have a couple of unclaimed prizes, with no details, hoping the winners concerned will claim the prizes.
There is a “Winners List” at the Bay Horse for all to see, but the tickets are still unclaimed.
Pink ticket 46 – 50 (Serial no A3993483):  It has the name “O’Hanlon” but no contact; Yellow ticket 736 – 740 (Serial no AD895162). Orange ticket 211 – 215 (Serial no AA344840)  Name “Raymonds”.
Please contact the “Bay Horse” or myself on 01325 311426, I will be happy to arrange for collection. The deadline will be one week from the day of being publicised in this newspaper.
Jean McCready