Dear Sir,
I am pleased your reader is satisfied with the clearance work that’s been undertaken along the side of the A167 from the ‘Head’ to Aycliffe Village High Street and then on towards the entrance of the Business Park at St Cuthbert’s Way.
The footpath and the overgrown bush at the junction of the A167/Durham Road were reported to me by Cllr George Gray and I asked the Highways Department at County Hall to undertake the work, along  with other problems passed on during the Aycliffe Village PACT meeting, including overhanging trees in St Andrew’s Close, the bus stop on the East side of the A167 overgrown with ivy, and the waste bin next to this bus stop.
The Probation Service Restorative Justice team were asked by the County Council to undertake the work along the footpath and I have to agree they have done a sterling job.  I have written to the manager of the team, asking him to pass on my thanks to those who did all the hard work.
The other works have also been completed with the exception of the bin, but I am told that one has been ordered.
Councillor Jed Hillary