Ernie Temple, Parish Warden at St Clare’s Church was delighted when he received a telephone call from The Prince’s Trust saying that St Clare’s Church had been selected as part of their community project. They would undertake any task that to improve the Church and were willing to do work  either inside or outside the building.
The offer of help was accepted and the volunteers were invited to carry out the work. “I was not disappointed as they have worked hard on an overgrown patch of garden, and brought a neglected Church Hall up to a pleasing standard by repainting the walls and woodwork. They also designed a mural for the back wall which has given life to the room.
“It is so easy to criticise young people these days, but these young people worked hard, and reflected credit to the organisation they represented. If they wished to return then I should be pleased to welcome them” said Ernie.

mural st clares