Dear Editor,
In response to C. Palmer who makes a very good point in his observations regarding the Aldi entrance. I am amazed at how many drivers ignore the one way signs, and large white arrows pointing the way in and around the car park, yet they still go the wrong way round causing havoc,
these drivers are a real nuisance, and they use our roads – I would not give them a barrow to use let alone a vehicle! The mini roundabout does nothing to help either, and it should be removed as it causes more problems than any other roundabout on the town. Maybe we can start a campaign to have it removed?
Months ago I contacted the Highways Authority to have a manhole cover reinstated near the junction of the Greenwell Road car park and it has finally been repaired (in a fashion). It is still not level, so if the council is reading this please take note.
George Thompson.