As the weather continues to improve, we see more instances of off-road vehicles along the coastal areas. We are working with partners to improve defences against access from these vehicles and prevent further damage to footpaths, walkways and natural habitats, especially over breeding season.

We encourage all visitors to the coastal areas to be vigilant for this illegal use and to report it to Police via 101 as soon as possible. Please try to gather riders clothing descriptions, vehicle descriptions, any displayed registration plates, direction of travel and direction of arrival. These pieces of information are very important in identifying and dealing with these nuisance vehicles.


Over the past few months, we have received complaints from landowners and farmers around persons entering their land with metal detectors. Whilst this appears to be a tranquil and peaceful pastime, please be mindful of the legal aspects of metal detecting. Metal detecting on private land needs landowners permission due to issues with trespass and possible criminal damage. There could also be further issues around theft should items of value be found. Before using a metal detector on public land, check with the local authority as some may have restrictions on the use of metal detectors. Other areas, such as Sites of Special Scientific Importance, are likely to have complete bans on the use of metal detectors, as the digging up of land is prohibited.

As always, ensure that you have the correct information and permissions, prior to putting on your headphones!