Locally founded ladies group Pimm’s & Needles is set to expand once again with a new group launching  in April at Aycliffe Village Church Hall. Since setting up Pimm’s & Needles in September 2015 they have rapidly grown to have over 180 members in the Darlington area with an ever growing waiting list. The demand for expansion has taken founders Mrs Charlotte Pyrah and Mrs Donna Feeney quite by surprise, Donna said “Lots of our members have commented after our meetings about how they feel their mood is lifted, our activities are often creative which we feel has a positive effect on mental health & wellbeing”.

Charlotte added “One of our members said last week that crafting in good company takes you away from everything  that’s happening in the outside world, we think with so much uncertainty ahead of us our members really enjoy going back to basics and turning to traditional values. We offer an escape the demands of daily life and pressures social media, where you can come and enjoy the simple pleasures such as meeting up with like minded ladies and taking part in a fun activity. Mood enhancing activities the group have done recently include singing, laughter yoga, sewing and drawing, with sessions on chocolate making, mindfulness and sleep therapy coming up in the next few months. For more information about the new Aycliffe village group search Pimms & Needles on Facebook.

Charlotte Pyrah 07813 690 099. Donna Feeney: donna@totesadore.com