A resident rang Newton News this week to warn other about another scam doing the rounds.
The lady in question was nearly taken in by the callers, but managed to stop herself before giving too much away.
Firstly they called claiming to be from British Gas wanting to check the gas meter and at the same time informed her she was due a refund. But they needed some information from her bank account, not all, just the sort code.
They then rang back the next day claiming to be from British Telecom collating information about her account and that she was due a discount as she was a pensioner. Again asked for a piece of information from the bank account, not the sort code this time, but the account number.
This is where the pensioner in question got suspicious, ended the call and contacted her own bank.
It is a clever way to scam, by collecting different pieces of information about a persons bank account on different rouses.
Don’t be caught out, NEVER give any of your details to anyone on the phone.