Dear Sir,
When visiting our town centre this on 13th February, I parked in the lower level area of the multi storey car park, using the ramped area to access the town between Wilkinson and Boyes.
On returning to the car, I used the same route, but when accessing the covered area (where the lifts, disabled access to the upper levels are), I noticed the floor was incredibly slippy.
There were children skidding on it like ice and whilst walking I skidded myself on the slippy floor falling awkwardly and hurting my knee, back and foot.
I appreciate that the rain is beyond the control of the town centre and this had contributed to the problem, however when I returned to the centre using the same route (to report the problem-no answer when attempting to contact the town centre management). I noticed the entire floor, including the steep disabled ramp is covered in a glossy, paint surface.
This surface instantly makes walking in any inclement weather safely, almost impossible, and a particular concern for anyone who is disabled or elderly.
Fortunately I am a young person who can bounce back from such incidents, but had I been elderly I fear the outcome could be very different.
I support making the town centre a more pleasant place to be but surely patrons’ safety should be a primary concern.
Thank you,
(name & address supplied)

Reply from Manager
Thank you for your letter to the Newton News regarding your query about using our entrance to the town centre from the car park.
I’m sorry you felt the surface area was not suitable for you, however, I can advise that the area in question is tested bi-annually by a specialist slip test consultant and has been since 2013 with no issues reported by them, however, I will advise of them of your concerns during their next visit in April of this year.
The safety of our town centre visitors is paramount to us, and I will, following your raising of this issue, ensure that this area is checked by our maintenance team on a regular basis, although we do already do this as part of our cleaning regime, and request they feed back to me any issues.
Regarding contact of the Town Management Team we are onsite Monday to Saturday from 7.00am to 6.00pm however the office may not be open as we may be elsewhere onsite, otherwise the office does have a member of the team available between 10.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday available by telephone on 01325 300 605.
In addition I can be contacted directly on 07854 084942 at any time and if not immediately available please leave a message and I will come back to you.
Bryan Haldane, Town Centre Manager.