Dear Editor I have been reading with interest the recent letters from Mr Thompson and Ms Stout regarding speeding on Pease Way and must agree with everything they both say. I have lived in the Pease Way area for over 50 years now and have to use Pease Way every day to access my property and this road is becoming more like a race track every day. The pinch points do nothing but serve as a ‘challenge’ for many motorists and bike riders to see if they can beat the oncoming traffic. Very recently on a Sunday morning I was waiting to cross Pease Way with my dog and witnessed two motorbike riders
coming at excessive speed onto Pease Way from the roundabout and one of the idiots was showing off by doing wheelies on his machine as he sped along. As he passed me, he did a wheelie right in front of me to show off, trying to be clever and as he went through the pinch point just after the bus stop, he did a wheelie right in front of the car giving way to him.  These lunatics obviously think they are being clever when all they are doing is making themselves look ridiculous and childish – they have no regard at all for their own safety or that of other road users and pedestrians. Another frustrating issue is the pinch point just off the roundabout near the entrance to Beechfield. Traffic exiting Beechfield for some reason think they have priority over traffic coming off the roundabout and force their way out expecting the traffic on Pease Way to give way to them. The traffic calming measures on Pease Way need to be addressed urgently before someone is seriously injured or killed. Name & Address supplied