Dear Sir,

I would like to send my appreciation to writer Neil McKee, regarding his awareness of these truly horrendous drivers on our town. For years I have tried to get something in place to stop this race track known as Pease Way, it is horrendous living here now, I counted about 50 cars travelling down this road one day on a weekend, out of these about 30 were speeding well over the limit, with two or three doing 70.

I am a retired HGV and LGV driver I also ride a motorbike, and drive a nice car, I have held a full licence for 55 years, I have had no accidents that have been my fault, but this is without doubt a speeders paradise on this road.

Some weeks ago two post office delivery people were very close to losing their lives near to the posting box on Pease Way, the driver was doing about 70mph, he hit the kerb before buzzing around onto the grass verge due to speeding, he then drove of with me in pursuit, his rear wheel was at an acute angle when I followed him, the police were made aware of this but as far as the witnesses were concerned nothing was done about it as the car was not traced.

The bus shelter was also severely damaged on another occasion due to drug drivers, this was at 8.30pm, luckily no one was in the shelter as it demolished the iron railings, I have pictures of this too.

I am also aware of other potential speeding places by these idiots and there have been several major accidents on Pease Way, with one car ending up in the garden next door, two very young children were very very lucky that day, it was caused by a woman driver on the phone, and speeding and loosing control as there was a car turning right into Cumby Road. The car was only small but it managed to tumble three times before hitting a tree, then a fire hydrant, then another tree before landing in the garden.

One tree has been removed due to this incident, I would be interested to meet you Mr McKee, the Newton News know who I am so if you would like to meet I am so much up for this; nothing ventured, nothing gained, is my moto.

A Very Concerned Reader and Local Resident