Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) staff and volunteers will be taste testing ‘Mocktails’ throughout January. The Mocktails will be rated and favourite recipes shared as part of the campaign for Dry January.

As a health and wellbeing charity PCP encourages our staff to get involved in activities that raise awareness and supports improvements in both physical and mental health. Dry January is an annual health campaign, run by Alcohol Change UK and this month-long challenge is designed to help reset your relationship with alcohol.

Taking part in Dry January can have a range of benefits, Alcohol Change UK’s website, states that 88% of people who take part save money, 71% sleep better, 67% have more energy and 58% lose weight.

Carol Gaskarth, PCP’s Chief Executive said, “December can be a month of over indulgence and January can be a good time to make positive changes to improve your health. Dry January is a great way to kick start a positive change. Every year we encourage staff and volunteers to think about their own health and wellbeing, this is achieved through both information and practical sessions to encourage people to try new things. This year we will be sharing our thoughts with the community through social media – so please follow us if you want to see what we’re up to and get some hints, tips and recipes!”

PCP Health Advocates are leading this campaign and regular updates will be provided through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Just search for Pioneering Care Partnership to find us.