The focus for Carers Week 2018 was building communities that support the health and wellbeing of carers and local charity the Pioneering Care Partnership (PCP) has joined over 450 individuals and organisation by publicly pledging to:

• improving the way in which PCP identify carers;

• maintain a register of formal and informal carers who work with us so that we can offer appropriate assistance;

• help carers to be healthy and connected through the provision of good quality and accessible information;

• work closely with local Carers organisations to embed understanding and best practice; and

• celebrate the achievements of carers in our newsletters and in the local press

Carol Gaskarth, PCP Chief Executive, explained, “There are roughly 6.5 million people in the UK providing unpaid care to family or friends. Caring for others can be extremely rewarding but it can also make looking after your own health and wellbeing less of a priority. PCP employs around 100 people and has 150 volunteers working towards our mission of “Health, Wellbeing and Learning for All”. Therefore we have a role to play as a responsible and supportive organisation. This pledge aims to increase general awareness of informal carers and the vital role they play in supporting others and it represent just one of the many way that PCP values our dedicated our team.”

Picture shows: PCP Staff members at recent Staff Meeting.