Dear Syd,
I’m so pleased that Ian Bussey was “so disappointed” at the vote in Parliament to extend RAF bombing into Syria. I imagine he is even more disappointed now that the RAF have successfully carried out missions in Syria which have further degraded Daesh’s ability to spread their warped ideology. Further, I hope the RAF have killed at least one terrorist who was plotting to bomb Ian Bussey (and/or me)!
The decision of Parliament was the correct one for all of the reasons given by David Cameron and summed up, brilliantly, by Hilary Benn in the Opposition closing speech.
What was absent from the nay-sayers was any semblance of an alternative practical strategy (only endless talk, while Daesh kill, rape, enslave, torture and recruit, is not a strategy). Get real!
Parliament is not a debating society; it has to make life and death decisions, not least, when it comes to extending military action.  I, for one, feel safer now that Daesh’s power is being degraded in Syria.
Phil Wilson voted on his conscience; it was a “free vote”. Further, he was well aware that those Labour Party MPs, who intended to support the extension of bombing, were being bullied by the resurgent undemocratic “Looney Left”. The same “Looney Left” who made the Labour Party un-electable in the past, having brought down the democratically elected Heath government.
Phil’s decision, in the face of such bullying, is to be applauded by all who would uphold democracy and our Parliamentary System (which, incidentally, Daesh seek to destroy).
Phil Wilson was not elected to do as Ian Bussey wants! He was elected to serve all of his constituents regardless of who they voted for. This he has done to the best of his ability. I pray he can live easily with his decision which nobody, not even Ian Bussey, has a right to censure him for.
As for all those MP’s who voted against bombing; if they think Tony Blair’s mess will only be solved by talking to Daesh, can I suggest that they set up a meeting with Daeash in Syria. If they have the courage of their convictions to do so, I would be pleased to applaud them, especially if they invite Ian Bussey.
Alastair P.G.Welsh.