To all Newtonions,

My opinion of this ‘illegal parking’ could be solved very easily, if the council, or authority who maintain these areas of grass, such as verges, where they are being ruined, would it not be prudent to make them into tarmac lay-by’s, they are getting churned up all the time and then they have to be fixed again and again.

What a waste of taxpayers money, I know that if this happened there would be an influx of caravans parked on them due to the very expensive storage prices, however, the council could sign these as no leisure vehicle parking.

Two of the main roads on the town are race tracks, Stephenson Way and Pease Way (near the park), on match days, usually on a Sunday it is a nightmare as vehicles are parked along Pease Way. If the council took up the grass verge this too could be a parking area.

Pease Way is a bus route with “nip-points” which are useless, they do not slow the traffic at all, we have witnessed a small red Ford vehicle doing about 80 to 90mph along this road, and its exhaust ‘silencer’ is like a shot gun going off at about 10 bangs a time, the police have been notified regarding this vehicle. If you see this car or know whose it is, please report it to the police, he will end up killing someone or several people.

I am an ex-professional driver with 57 years of clean motoring behind me, it is not worth speeding on our town, so if you read this young man, your days of speeding will end up with you going to jail, please stop this now – go to Croft Circuit to speed.

A very concerned Newtonian driver.