Dear Sir,

I think Mr Parsley is missing the point about parking of vans. Even if the vans were pink flowery mainifestions of a country garden it would not be the answer to parking on the road.

So what if he does pay corporation tax – that is because he earns money by using his vans to make profit! Does this give him the right to ride roughshod over the rest of the community? I pay tax on my savings so I am interested to know what benefits I gain.

Parking bays are not intended for local businesses to use as parking areas for their vans otherwise we would turn the residential streets into mini industrial estates.

I am angered that Mr Parsley parks his van half on the road and half on the verge – what gives you the right to churn up the grassy verges which are put there to enhance the area and give pleasure to the residents?

Is it up to him to spoil these areas just because you pay corporation tax? Already there are ruts in the verge and with the ongoing wet weather we will end up with an ugly muddy quagmire.

Perhaps Mr Parsley would like to park his van outside his own home, on his own drive, and if he doesn’t have the space to do that then he obviously purchased the wrong property and should have bought a place with sufficient parking space to run his business without impacting on his neighbours and environs.


Ed: This subject has been aired sufficently and we will not print further comments.